Tuesday, June 23, 2009

update on my teef

so i had my dentist's appointment this afternoon and it went well. It all started last weekend when I was flossing my teeth before bed and I felt like it was stuck in between my teeth. I was trying to wiggle it out nicely, but then......out popped part of my tooth. hahaha. like the inner core of one of my molars! i thought it was originally my filling, but then i stuck my tongue in the whole and it was way too deep. anyways, i went in today and my dentist said it was definitely part of my tooth that came out and that it needed to be filled. my dentist is a big fan of not injecting anesthesia when he drills and of course i trust the guy because he's done so many damn fillings for my cavity-prone mouth. it wasn't at all painful until the end because it was hitting close to the nerve. here comes the scary thing though......i might need a root canal if i feel throbbing pain near that tooth. i guess there isn't too much space left from my tooth to the actual nerve so a root canal could be waiting for me in the future. OUCH! i'm hoping and praying that it won't have to come to that!

Monday, June 22, 2009

some upcoming events

looks like life might be picking up its pace starting this weekend. i'm so excited! this saturday, a bunch of the geography crew will be at diana's to have a pool party/bbq/get together. i haven't seen any of them in awhile so it's going to be fun to catch up with friends and just relax. then sheena, bubba, and i are gonna head off to Arizona on Monday. We're probably going to check out the Tucson area and feel a vibe of the place, see if there are jobs out there, and to see if we can actually handle the heat. i for one prefer a mild climate, so it could be a hard adjustment. anyways, i'm excited because i'm going to take my car on her first road trip. zoom zoom zoom! i think i'm getting my car back from the shop this week and i can't wait to drive it again. i just miss driving on my own because it can actually be a stress reliever for me. i'll post some pics of the party and the road trip when i can. 

Friday, June 19, 2009

i'm finished....now what?!

so i finished the twilight series last night! i need to get my hands on a hardcopy set soon! i want to read it all over again. now that i finished reading it though, i feel a little out of it. i was so into this fantasy world that the real world seems so mundane. i spent like all the hours of my day reading for the past week that now that i'm done, i'm so bored. t.v. doesn't even do it for me right now! the only way to fix this is to go out and have some fun, but the only problem is that i don't have a car for another week. WAH! 

the only other thing i've been focused on this past week is on working out. i'm losing more weight by the look and fit of my clothes. i still have some pair of smaller sized jeans that i didn't throw out because i was intent on getting into them again. i tried them on like 2 days ago and voila....it fit and there's even a little room left over. it probably helped that i cut down on my calorie intake too. i wish i did this a long time ago because it doesn't seem so hard if you really put your mind to it. the only downside of losing weight, is that some clothes are a bit too big now. i bought like 2 pair of Buffalo Jeans last summer and now they're too big. i don't even need to unzip or unbutton them to take them off because they just slide right off. i'm actually really sad that i won't be able to wear them right. 

that's my update. uggh life is so mundane right now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

summer reading

so the last time i posted it was about robert pattinson. well it doesn't stop there. i am now officially obsessed with the twilight books. i can't seem to put them down! i just finished the 3rd book from the series and waiting until i get breaking dawn later this afternoon. they are sooooo good. i'm glad i watched the movie first because now i can imagine r-patz as edward cullen, k stew as bella, etc! so far my favorite book has to be eclipse and i can't wait to read breaking dawn to see what happens in the end. i've been looking around to see where i can get the hardcover set for cheap because i want to own it and it looks like walmart sells it the cheapest. i want to read this series over and over again! sorry for being so obsessive lately but i can't help it. 

oh yeah, Team Edward or Team Jacob? 

what can i say, i'm back to my old teeny bopper days.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i'm in love.....with a vampire

i honestly didn't get the whole hype with Twilight and Robert Pattinson but i got sucked into it quickly! i remember him from Harry Potter but didn't really think he was hot....i just thought he was cute. Then he became one of Perez Hilton's muses and all I read and saw was him. Then Sheena borrowed Twilight from her boyfriend's sister and I was super intrigued to watch it. Although I didn't think the actual movie was that great, I actually like it. It was a bit slow but I think it was supposed to play like a novel. I am officially obsessed with Robert Pattinson. It didn't help that I watched the MTV movie awards like a damn teeny bopper and waited for him to be on my tv screen! Everything about him is hot. His English accent, his lovely head of messy-just rolled out of bed hair, and his style. I absolutely love that I don't care if the buttons on my shirt don't line up symmetrically or wrinkly looking. He just has something mysterious about him. I totally understand why girls swoon over him. He's absolutely freaking beautiful!!! 


Thursday, June 4, 2009

neutral and blue look

I thought it would be time to do a makeup entry. i thought i would experiment with makeup today since i've been looking pretty crazy lately from being sick. i decided to do a neutral eyeshadow with a nice pop of color for my eyeliner. I hope you guys like it.

eye makeup used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • All over lid-Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow- In the Garden
  • Eye Liner for lower lashes-Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow- Anna Karenina 
  • NYC black eyeliner for waterline 
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Makeup used:
  • Everyday Minerals Foundation- Golden Medium
  • Everyday Minerals Blush- All Smiles
  • Curvy Lip Silicone Lip Gloss- 503   note: this is a Japanese brand lip gloss so I don't necessarily know where it's available since it was a gift

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

answer to you wanna guess

well i might have got you thinking really hard about my previous post. i thought i should spill a bit of info out. the big change is not a new job and it's not a new boyfriend. those two things would actually be awesome but as of now, are non-existent. hahaha. i wish though! anyway the big change is actually a big move. while i love san diego and CA in general, i feel like it is not necessarily the right place for me right now. the cost of living and the amount of our state's cut backs are tremendous. i just feel like i can't be what i want to be. i want to be able to find a good paying job and be able to afford to buy a house someday! so i think a move will do great things for me. sheena, bubba, and i are leaning towards arizona because it's still close to CA that we can still drive home once in awhile to visit, they have affordable homes, and cities there are expanding so we might be able to find jobs in our field. it will definitely be hard to be away from my parents but i'm thinking of it as a way to pursue my dream and become financially independent. i never thought i could leave san diego, but it's definitely something i'm considering and planning for. that's the big news guys. don't expect a move this year though. it's still an on going thing we're researching and we still have to drive out there later this month or next month to get a feel for the place. 

something bad happened today. i had a car accident. my lovely car is now a bit scratched and banged up. grrr! i went to clairemont this morning to go to a doctor's appointment because my cough has been horrible and won't let me sleep! i got prescribed this nasty cough medicine that doesn't seem to be doing anything for me right now, but i hope it gets rid of my stupid cough soon. so after that i went on the 52 and got onto the Interstate 15 connector. I was just trying to get home to rest, and all of a sudden i feel a car bang onto my passenger side. this guy veered into my lane and messed up my mirror, left a huge black scratch on my front passenger door and left about 3 dents. he totally messed up his mirror too, but his was hanging off his car. anyway i'm glad we were both okay and didn't get hurt. i'm just bummed my car has to go to the shop to get fixed because it won't be the same. i hope whoever fixes it can give it a nice paint job because my car has a pearl mica finish and who knows if the color and finish will match the original.