Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mom pants

You know what I hate shopping for? Work clothes. I always have the hardest time because I'm picky as hell. My mom and I went to the mall last night to start picking out some work pants and blouses. Started our adventure at JC Penney and I must have tried like 6 pants in the women's department with no luck. The pant legs were huge, and I had no ass in them. I also tried like 2 pairs that my mom picked out but they were horrible. They were so high waisted, I was wearing "mom" pants. hahaha. Then my mom kept insisting we look in the Junior's section of work clothes and tried on two pants and they were perfect! I actually had legs and a booty hahaha. Then we went to New York and Company but I didn't end up liking anything so we headed to Forever 21 to look for some blouses. Didn't see anything until I walked near the fitting room. Lo and behold there was a cute blouse and what made it even better was the price. $7.80! You can not go wrong with that. That was all I bought and that was my Friday. 

As for today, I think I'm going to church and then hang out with Kacy to catch up. I haven't seen her for a couple years so it's about time for a reunion. I think we're going to have dinner at her house or at a restaurant somewhere.

I'm back for a quick update. Guess what I got in the mail today? A jury summons! Uggh it's bad timing because of this new job, but I'm gonna go as early as I can just in case I get chosen or dismissed all together. 

When I was getting ready for church, we got a call from my aunt saying that my godmother had passed away this afternoon. It's sad but I know she lived a good life and I'm glad I got to see her before she passed away. Rest In Peace Ninang Pat. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today was quite a sad day. I found out that my godmother was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. It honestly took everyone by surprise. I probably last saw her like 4-5 months ago and she looked great. My family visited her today at the ICU and I could tell she was having a really hard time. She had one of those oxygen masks on because she's having a difficult time breathing. It really breaks my heart, and it's hard to see her grandchildren try to cope with it because it reminds me of how I coped with my grandfather's sickness. My grandfather passed away in 2001 from asbestos. That was such a sad time for my entire family and I can just relate to how their family is feeling. I'm just going to keep praying for my godmother and have faith that everything will be okay. It's tough to lose someone you love dearly. But I know my Lolo is in a great place now so I'm thankful that he's not suffering anymore. (Deep Breath)

Something on the happier end of things, I checked my weight today and I am down like 6 pounds. I haven't really been doing anything except drinking oolong tea every day so I hope that's what is making me lose pounds. I'll have to check again later this week to see if it was just water weight though.  I hope not hahaha. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I wanted to share with you all my fantastic day. Well I'm going to cut to the chase and say I HAVE A JOB! hahaha i received a call from the company telling me I'm pretty much hired, with the exception that they have to talk to their President. He says it shouldn't be a big problem so I'm going to hear from them next week or so. I feel like all this weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I'm one happy girl and this could not have come at a better time. It's a new year and it's time for me to make something of myself. Goodbye couch potato days and Hello hard working Sharyn! I'm super excited. 

That was part of my great day. The beginning of it all was waking up from a great night of sleep. Like I said in my previous post, I did not get much sleep because of my nervousness. So of course that night after the interview, I slept like  a baby. Woke up to the smell of pancakes which Sheena made for breakfast. Then we spontaneously decided to go to the Carlsbad Outlet to check out this makeup store that sells lots of high end makeup such as MAÇ, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, etc. at a lower price. I couldn't believe that I had never gone into this store since I go to that outlet alot, but now I know. I'm never going to spend full price on MAC makeup again. After that we went to North County Mall because we wanted to check out another store and see if they sold this specific brand of makeup and they did. We left empty handed, but that was our intention. We don't necessarily have  that kind of money lying around right now. After that we went to my aunt's house because she was having a little dinner get together for my cousin's birthday. Well that's my update for today. 

Awesome day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

Just got back from my interview about an hour ago and I think it went well. They are still trying to figure out what they need for their company so it's going to take them a couple of weeks to finalize their decision. But they are definitely looking for a part-time/ intern to train so I hope that it's me!!! I'm crossing my fingers. If anything though, I'm glad I got to sit with these 2 accomplished planners to hear about their background and their advice.

Happy New Year!!! It's the year of the Ox and I hope it gives me good luck because I happen to be an ox. I signed onto Yahoo! this morning and found that they were doing Chinese horoscopes so the following pertains to my own personal horoscope. Check out your own HERE

Ox Overview

The Ox can do well this year through steady progress. There may be a number of experiences that will provide great joy for the Ox. One area, in particular, is the Ox's personal life. You may see an addition to the family. You will be surrounded by those who care. Look for the early summer months to attend many social occasions, providing many new faces in your social circle. One area of focus is to be open to the advice of others, as you tend to keep your issues to yourself. Overall, your own year can be one that you will look back on with pride and a genuine sense of achievement.

Ox Rating

52% (3 favorable 5 neutral and 4 unfavorable months)

Ox Career

In 2009, the Oxen will be given many opportunities to further your plans and goals, as well as consolidate your position. Steady progress is the position where the Ox is most comfortable and that is where you will find yourself this year. You will also have a chance to impress and gain support from those around you. This is a good year to enhance your skills and add to your repertoire with added training or study. You will be satisfied in knowing that anything you do this year will repay you in this year and the years to come. The months of May, late August and September may mark a change in your career.

Ox Relationships

2009 will be a year of personal happiness. For the single Ox, there may be a chance to engage in new and meaningful friendships, romance, and possibly even marriage. Others will take comfort in their domestic and social lives. Being an Ox year, this is one that will provide enjoyment for you as long as you allow it. Beware of your strong will and do not allow any minor disagreements to escalate and put a damper on a fine year. May is a month that will highly favor a chance meeting or a heightened level in a relationship.

Ox Health

Health matters don't seem to be too much of a concern for the Ox this year, as you are good at implementing some sort of physical activity into your routine. The Ox's discipline does well to carry over into your health. It never hurts to find ways to improve in this area, so don't discount anything that will improve the quality of your life. Even though there may not be any large issues, stress can be a surmounting factor to be aware.

Ox Wealth

The Ox could enjoy an improvement financially, but you may face a number of large expenses over the year. To maneuver your budget through the year of the Ox, exercise care and sensible spending. It would be wise to seek professional advice when it comes to any speculative ventures or risky investments that create some sense of doubt.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


so tomorrow morning i have an interview and i'm getting a bit nervous. i just called my friend totran for a few tips since she works at the company and told me not to worry too much. i usually get pretty nervous but i'm trying not to get my nerves get me too much because i know i'll do fine. i prepped for it for almost 2 hours so i think i'll be able to get a good night's sleep. haha i remember my L.A. interview and I wasn't able to sleep at all because all i did was toss and turn. blah! i honestly hope i land this job because it would be great experience for me.

anyway this weekend was pretty good. i went to my niece's 1st birthday party on Saturday and she is so big and chubby now. i love chubby cheeks!!! Then I had dinner with my friend Matt at this sushi place by my house. It was nice because we just caught up after like 4-5 years of not seeing each other. Then we hung out at Barnes n Noble for a couple hours before he had to pick up his sister. And today we went grocery shopping and we bought so much stuff! Just thinking about hauling all those bags into my house makes me tired!

I'm going to get ready for bed and watch t.v. so i can get some sleep. It would be a miracle if I fall asleep before 11 because I usually go to bed around 1 or 2. well, wish me luck for my interview tomorrow! Good night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Bucket List

it's pretty late right now but i can't sleep. i didn't do much except see my cute nieces for a couple of minutes and then take my mom to the doctor's office. i was supposed to go grab dinner with my friend tonight but i guess we're doing it tomorrow night instead, maybe? anyway i just finished watching The Bucket List and it was a sad movie. It was about these two men--Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, both from different walks of life that were brought together by their cancer. They were both given how much time they had left in their lives and decided to write a bucket list of things to do before they died. It was such a sad story, and it's one of those stories that makes you think of your own life and makes you think if you have had a joyous life. It definitely reminds me to not worry about the little things and just enjoy life. Do the little things really matter in the end? Since I'm talking about the bucket list, I think it's appropriate to list some things I want to do.

-Zip line through the forest
-Visit Machu Picchu
-Visit Chichen Itza
-Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City--She's probably my favorite artist of all time
**I know a lot of these things are in Latin America, but after taking like 5 years of Spanish, I have learned alot about their cultures and am so fascinated by it!**
-Float in the Dead Sea
-See the Northern Lights

Thursday, January 22, 2009

old school jams

It's cold and gloomy outside and that almost always means listening to old school jams. Nothing was sounding right on iTunes and i clicked on Boyz II Men and it was instant gratification. They were seriously like my favorite group before and it's nice to know that their songs never get old...I wish there was more music like this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I can not wait until the Lost premiere tonight, I've been waiting for it for so long. I actually never watched it on cable.  I got hooked after my sis put it on her Netflix and it is so addicting. We just kept putting disc after disc on Netflix, but then we had to cancel the subscription. I think we got through the first season and maybe a couple episodes of the 2nd season. Then last year we figured out that had all the episodes for online viewing. Our jaws dropped and we were watching like 3 to 4 episodes a day to catch up. I never thought I would love the show as much as I do, but I like weird sci-fi things now-a-days! It's a weird show and if you were to ask me to explain it to you, I probably would tell you to watch it instead. Well, I have to wait 7 more hours so as for now I leave you a little clip of what's to come.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


it's been a great week so far. the most important thing is that i got a call yesterday about an interview for next monday. hooray! i'm crossing my fingers that this one is going to work out. that is really helping bring up my mood this week. and lately, it seems like i'm talking to a lot of people from my past. i actually like it because it reminds me of the simple times in life when i was younger. my middle school days were like the best, i felt like they were my carefree days. i felt like a butterfly! i don't know if you guys know what i'm talking about, but i hope you do! 

And today was the inauguration of Obama and the news coverage was pretty early so I pretty much missed his speech. I did wake up around 9:30ish so I just turned it on to CNN and watched whatever they were covering. I just saw George and Laura Bush get into the helicopter and then Obama signing the nomination papers. The inauguration is recorded on my DVR so i'll either watch the recording or tune into CNN later tonight for a replay. I can't believe he's finally in office! I know a lot of us have been waiting for this day and it's pretty exciting knowing that change is coming. I just hope he will do what he has promised, and obviously it may not happen right away, but I would love to see him and his cabinet progressively work toward those things. 

I will have to continue this later because I'm headed off to church!

I'm BACK! I guess I'll just end this post with my Elle Numerology. It's like a horoscope, but it uses the power of numbers to predict significant life cycles. I thought mine sounded pretty convincing. 

Enough dullness! Your desire for inspiration has never felt stronger, and this month you're willing to travel to find it. (But if your checkbook is unwilling, a trip to a salon, art museum, or library will do, too.) As for amour, it's fun to be whisked away by vampire romances, but shouldn't you be stepping outside your house or apartment to start a love story of your own?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sticking to what i know

I want to say that 2009 hasn't started off as the best. I hope it gets better from here. As much as I want to be a social butterfly, I know that I have to keep it in moderation. I know where I feel comfortable hanging out at and also the places where I know I do not belong. I don't work well in big group situations so after last night, I'm definitely just going to lay low and stick with what I'm comfortable with. That sounds almost like I'm limiting myself, but you know what, I'm happy with several great friends that i trust rather than like 20 so so friends.

 I haven't had the greatest week and I'm going to put the blame on my damn hormones. I've been irregular ever since this summer so I'm sure I'm like a ticking time bomb at the moment, and trust me, it's better that I'm on my own. You probably wouldn't want to hang out with grouchy old me.

On a happier note, football has been an obsession lately. I usually watch several games throughout a season, but I've been watching like almost all the playoff games. Since the Chargers weren't able to defeat the Steelers, I've been on a lookout for a team to root for in the Superbowl and after last weekend's game, it looks like it's going to be the Arizona Cardinals. Most of us somehow root for the underdogs and the Cardinals have been playing great! Also, the Superbowl is pretty much East vs. West, so I gotta root for the team in the West Coast.

Friday, January 16, 2009


So I applied for this internship at my friend's work and thought it was going well. We got to email back and forth about an interview, but for some reason, he just never emailed back about a specific date and time. I've already sent him about 2 emails to remind him that I was still available for an interview, and seriously I still haven't received an email. I really thought I was going in for one this week but that never happened. Then this morning I called the office and left a message with the receptionist...who knows if it will even get to him, or better yet, if he even bothers to call me back. I just think it's a bit shady you know? I showed him so much interest and it seems like he just blew me off---well that's what i feel. Who knows if he's busy or even filled that position already, but don't I at least deserve an email or call? I sure think so! Maybe I'm overreacting and should give him like a couple more days to see if he responds, but at this point I have lost my cool. 

The only thing I wish for is finding that job that can take me to where I want to be. I'm prepared to take that low position because I know that someday I'll work my way up. That's the way it works around gotta climb that damn ladder! The problem is, that ladder seems to be nonexistent or hard to get a grasp of. I'm on two waiting list for two counties and with this horrible economy who knows when i'm going to get a call from them about an open spot. I'm hoping for the best in these upcoming months because it's hard to sit around when all I want to do is get out there and work hard. I may have to sidetrack a bit and find any decent job right now, and then hopefully apply for the jobs that are related to my degree when I see more openings. I  can really see how people can fall into depression during these hard times, and I'm sure I would be on that same boat if it were not for my friends and family. Sorry if I have depressed my readers but the point of me having this blog is to express my thoughts and emotions. It's definitely a great way to get rid of those bad feelings going through me. I'll try to blog a happier post next time guys! 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

laughter and reconnections

Funny story to tell, well I think it's funny. I guess I was dreaming about something funny my dad bought at a store and I was laughing out loud in my dream and in real life! I mean I was still asleep but I knew I was laughing?!!? HAHA Sheena even had to wake me up so she was yelling my name telling me I was laughing. I found that absolutely hilarious. Eeeks what about those dreams--nightmares that have you waking up sweating and panting? I've had that happen before and it was because someone was chasing me....I hope to never have one of those again. super scary.

Last night, I got to talking to my old friend Matt. It was the weirdest thing because we saw each other at the mall during the holidays. Then I guess he still had my AIM screen name and im'ed me. He was a really good friend back in the day, like middle school& high school days....we used to ride the bus together. We talked for hours and it was so nice to reminisce about the past and talk about people that we still see around our neighborhoods and stuff. You know, it's really nice to reconnect with someone like him because it's rare to find someone that hasn't changed...he's still the same guy I knew in high school. And our type of conversation is different from other friend's conversations just because we sorta grew up together. Something we talked about was how some people we thought we knew changed for worse. I feel really sad for one particular person just because I thought I knew him/her so well and now his/her focus and goals have been put into the sideline because of the partying. If I were to come face-to-face with this person I don't think I'd see the person I knew. That's a disappointment.

 But, it really is nice to reconnect with people I was close with in middle school and high school. Like Nerissa, she is like one of my closest friends now, I think we're even closer now than we were back in the day. We just like to enjoy each other's company and have silly conversations. I also still see J.C. and Mary once in awhile and it's so nice to catch up with them and see what they're doing in their lives. And I still see my girls once in awhile, it gets hard because we are so spread out in California that we really have to plan a reunion or else we'd never see each other. I'm getting better about driving far away to see people though because I was always freaked out about driving to L.A. but I stayed over at my friend's house about 2 months ago and drove all by myself! I got there and thought that it was such a piece of cake! I really shouldn't let fear take over me! 

This blogging thing is pretty fun. It's nice to write down thoughts and look back at them. til' next time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just got back from UTC and Best Buy. Didn't get anything at the mall since I'm broke but I did get 2 things at Best Buy because I still had money left over from my gift card. My sis and I were pretty good about working out like a month ago, but fell off the bandwagon which is pretty normal for me. Actually, I blame the weather because it was getting pretty cold and we had some rain so that left me like not working out for week...which of course has led me to be not active again. But honestly, I can't blame anyone or anything but myself. I just need to workout because it's good for me and it wouldn't hurt to lose some poundage. ay! So I got this Fitness DVD and it's called The 500 calorie workout by The Firm. I put it into my DVD player to see how intense it was and it actually looks like I can keep up but the lady in the video seems to go pretty fast so I'll let you know if I end up hurting myself hahaha. I also got a CD by The Killers and am listening to it at the moment. I'm on track 4 out of 10 and it's really good so far. 

I went onto my Facebook and saw that I had 1 friend request from a friend from high school and got really excited. Do you ever get that feeling? I haven't seen him since high school so he was like the last person I thought would find me on Facebook. 

One last thing, I need an effin' job. I feel pretty disappointed in myself just because I did so great in school and thought it was going to be easy to get a job but honestly, this recession has put me in the dumps. I can't seem to find many openings for the types of jobs I want to be in. I just wish I could scream my loudest in front of these hiring managers and beg them to hire me. I KNOW I'm a really hard worker, but I don't think THEY realize it yet. Hopefully there will be more jobs available in the upcoming months so I can finally reach my goal. Patience Sharyn!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


YAY! I just had a delicious lunch and i'm feeling good. Me and Sheena went around to do a couple of errands and then went to this market to pick up some pita bread and hummus. My stomach was growling so much last night and all I was thinking about was hummus and sushi because I haven't had it in awhile. So of course I picked up the former. I made a little salad (sliced tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and white wine vinegar) to eat with it and the rest is history. My tummy is happy :) 

Oh, and to add something about beauty products, I wanted to share with you about the
 Philosophy Warm by the Fire gift set I received from my cousin this past Xmas. It was only a limited edition set so I don't think it's available anymore, but at least I can share my experience of using it. Isn't the packaging adorable?  So it comes with the Double Rich Hot Chocolate shampoo/bath gel, Marshmallow Cream lotion, and S'mores lip gloss. And these are my first Philosophy products so I didn't really know if it they were really going to smell/taste like their names but they really do.  The shampoo really smells like rich chocolate, the lotion really smells like melted marshmallows, and the lipgloss smells&tastes just like smores. All I know is that I'm going to be one sad girl when these products run out. Hopefully these scents/flavors will be out again this year!

Monday, January 12, 2009

TV owns me

Are any of you obsessed with watching tv as I am? I feel like I'm glued to it for hours, but that's not something to brag about. As much as I want to cut down, it's an addiction!!! Anyways I thought I'd list some of my favorite shows.

-The Office
-Gossip Girl
-Ugly Betty
-John and Kate plus 8
-The Hills and that ultimately got me to watching The City....damn you MTV
-Lipstick Jungle...which is unfortunately probably cancelled by now
-That 70's show

Oh yeah, I have a huge headache right now because I thought I could handle eating breakfast, skipping lunch, and just eating dinner but no. that was not a smart idea because now i feel like crap. Just a quick suggestion, listen to what your body is telling you. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Introduction & Makeup Talk

Hey everyone, Sharyn here! I hope everyone is doing well today. I just got home from watching the Chargers/Steelers game, and while it is sad that the Chargers lost, there's always next year and I'm sure they amazed everyone again this year because they made it to another Playoffs game.  

Anyways, my sis started a blog a couple of days ago and she was telling me to make one too so I can write about life and makeup. I don't know if many of you got sucked into the whole Bare Minerals makeup thing because I know I did. I bought a kit about two or three years ago from Sephora and thought I liked it, but lo and behold, broke out and my skin got all irritated. not cool! So after using it for a few weeks I decided to stop using foundation. Then right before Thanksgiving of last year I was watching some Youtube videos and a lot of women were saying that there was a great mineral makeup company called Everyday Minerals. I ordered a free sample kit which only costs you shipping and you get 3 foundations, 1 blush, and 1 concealer of your choice. All I have to say is I love their makeup. It doesn't contain an ingredient--irritant, that Bare Minerals has so I didn't break  out. The only thing is choosing your foundation shade may be a bit tricky because there are a ton of shades but I think it's all worth it. Oh, for reference, I use the Olive-Golden Medium shade in matte. I was really lucky to have gotten their Super Personal Kit for $50 for Xmas!!! I got it from my secret santa and WOW it's amazing. I got 12 items for $50!  I got 2 foundations, 3 concealers, 3 blushes, 2 flat top brushes, 1 start to finish bronzing powder (freebie), and 4 eyeshadows ( 2 of them were freebies). Oh yeah, they always have specials so that means you get a discount and/or freebies when you enter the code provided on their site.

List of Products:
-Golden Medium-Matte Foundation
-Concealers: Mint, Multi-Tasking, and Sunlight
-Blushes: All Smiles, Apple, Best Friends
-Start to Finish Bronzer
-Eyeshadows: Smokey Pink, Wild Flowers, Mistletoe, Frost Bitten

Oh and if you want to try the softest brush EVER, buy their Flat Top Brush--hey, it's only 10 bucks and trust me, you will never want to use a different brush again!!!  If you guys have any questions about this makeup let me know.