Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

Maybelline's new Color Sensational Lipsticks are really my holy grail lipsticks as of now. I really love MAC lipsticks but sometimes I don't have the money to drop $14 for a tube so I try to find good quality drugstore brand lipstick to fill the void. I believe there was a Buy One Get One Free sale at CVS for Maybelline products so it was about $8-9 bucks for 2 lipsticks. These were a great buy so I highly recommend checking out your drugstore ads to see when they will have another BOGO sale.

These Maybelline lipsticks are really great because they have great color and I find them extremely hydrating. There are so many shades in the store and it seems like a lot of the colors are wearable and will suit many skin tones. Most of the drugstores I've been in have the lipsticks sorted out into their color families so there will be a Pink, Red, Purple, Nude, etc section. It makes it really easy to find shades!

I've been into pink lipsticks lately so I love Pink Petal and Party Pink. I have actually been grabbing for Pink Petal everyday now because it's such a soft wearable pink. I use Party Pink when I want a medium pink. Muave-Ulous is perfect for the fall season. Darker shades are definitely in and this is in my opinion is a must have.

Enjoy the swatches and check these out if you are on a bit of a budget but want high quality lipsticks.

[top to bottom: Pink Petal, Party Pink, Mauve-Ulous]

Monday, September 28, 2009

Glitterized in Hillcrest

I had a really fun weekend with my friends! On Saturday night Totran, Dante, and Alex went to Hillcrest and let loose! I haven't seen the guys in over a year because Dante had moved to Seattle but I missed them dearly. I remember my last year in college partying up with the guys and they really showed me how to have fun!

I was the first to arrive at Totran's place so we just talked and did some pre-drinking while we waited for the guys to arrive because they had just watched Kathy Griffin. We caught up with each other and then we headed out to Universal. It was too much fun in there. Good music, friends, and drinks. What could be better. Alex bought all of us a Washington apple shot and then a sweet tea. After 4 drinks I was buzzzzzzzed. I haven't felt like that in a really long time so it felt nice and of course the sweet dance moves came.

We decided to go across the street to another club and it was crazy. Such a different scene but lots of fun. There were definitely some crazy characters in there! We noticed when we got through the doors that there was a glitter room and the guys were joking around that we should put some on but I didn't want any because it would be a hot mess. We only stayed for a bit and then we headed outside. It was just me, Totran, and Dante at first so we were wondering where the hell Alex went and next thing you know.....poof! We were glitterized. We were all pretty sweaty so the damn glitter had something to stick to. Alex seriously dumped all the glitter on my boobs. Freakin' hilarious. I will never forget that ever!

Then we walked several blocks to go to Alex's car and hit up the Jack in the Box drive thru because we were hungry. Took the food to Totran's and feasted. It was a great night and it made me realize how much fun I can be if I just put myself out there and stopped being a hermit. Definitely going to have more fun nights like this in the future and be young again!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


i seriously had a great day today. i felt so uplifted and happy with my life and that hasn't happened in a long time.

i have been in this funk for awhile because I felt discouraged after not being able to find work and pushing forward. the direction i saw myself in after graduating was clear and definite, but after all these months of not being able to find my dream job created a bunch of knots and jumbled my direction in life. i felt like i wasn't good enough for anything out there and just went weeks&months without applying myself. i was almost scared that i would fall into depression but luckily, my family is always there for me and are true supporters.

i've been feeling like i'm letting my life pass me by and the month of august is when i decided to finally do something about it. i looked for jobs and applied to whatever looked like i could qualify for, while trying to find jobs that would actually use my degree. unfortunately, with pretty much no experience in the planning field, you can consider yourself the last person someone wants to hire. it's like someone literally put Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak on you so you knew you were there, but others did not. I finally broke out of that damn invisibility cloak and decided that i needed to be seen.

Well....i believe it worked. I contacted someone from a non-profit organization that does wonderful things to protect natural resources and land use planning.I couldn't believe that I found this organization because their line of work is exactly the kind of thing that i want to do. And you know what? this person actually contacted me and wanted to meet with me to talk about work opportunities. hooray!

I met with him this afternoon and while I thought it was going to be a bunch of awkward silent moments, it turned out really well. when you have similar interests and passions with someone, it's hard not to have a great conversation. i talked about my career aspirations and my interests in the field and he talked about all these opportunities that would be a good fit for me. i can't wait to start working for this organization. i'm beyond excited for the challenges and things i'm going to be learning.

I felt alive and driven by the time our meeting ended. geez where has the real sharyn been in the last year and a half? it drives me nuts thinking about my lack of accomplishments when i know myself to be a hard worker.

lesson learned. i just needed to try harder and i have to always remember that i have to reach out and make my dreams come true because no one but me is going to do that. i can't expect anything to be handed to me without any effort.

life is good, so let's dream and make those dreams come true. give life a bit of elbow grease and it will reward you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Makeup Collection

So here's my makeup collection pictures that I said I would post up. These have been products that I have collected through a couple years and it's growing pretty slow because of the economy, but no complaints because I have more than enough. My makeup is a good mix of drugstore and high end brands. I really have no preference. It just has to work well. I didn't include lip balms and glosses but you can ask if you want to know. Enjoy!

[Click picture to enlarge and to see product shades]


1st row from left to right: Nehru, Beauty Marked, Embark, Nocturnelle, Parfait Amour
2nd row: Shale, Silver Ring, Sumptuous Olive, Electric EEl, Orb

From left to right: Root Beer, Cherry, Sunset, Yellow,Golden Poppy

Top: Sephora eyeshadows in Pearl#7 and Chrome#9
Bottom: Smashbox Trio in Smashing Perspective

1st Column- all NYX: Doll, Milan, Thalia
2nd Column: Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Revlon Black Cherry, Sephora #51
3rd Column-all Maybelline: Mauvelous, Party Pink, Pink Petal
4th Column: MAC High Tea, MAC Amorous, Smashbox Sequel
5h Column-all MAC: Russian Red, Girl About Town, Half and Half

From left to right:
-ELF Eye Widener
- Jesse's Girl in Seafoam
-Rimmel Spark it Up! in Peridot
-NYC in blue and black
-Sephora in Electro Mauve
-Sephora Retractable Waterproof eyeliner in Olive
-Urban Decay 24/7 in Rockstar
-Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero
-Victoria's Secret Liquid Glitter Liner in Liquid Metal
-Sephora Liquid Liner in Prune Aubergine
-Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black

Back row: Studio Tools Dual Fibre Brush, EcoTools Blush brush, EDM Flat top
Middle row: Sonia Kashuk angled e/l brush, Sonia Kashuk(don't know name), EcoTools Concealer Brush, EcoTools angled e/l brush
First row: Bare Escentuals Concealer brush, Studio Tools eyeshadow brush, ELF eye blender, Essence of Beauty Duo Crease brushes

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Meg's Makeup Package

I just received my megsmakeup.com gift from redeeming my points and I couldn't be happier. I got some really good products to try out! And how cute is it that Meg writes a handwritten note with the package!

Everyday Minerals Blush in Apple

Moon's Harvest Sweet Heart Bath Bomb shaped as a cupcake. I don't even know if I could ever use this because it's way too cute!

All the items in my package: Moon's Harvest Sweet Heart bath bomb, EDM blush in Apple & Moon's Harvest Bath Butter in Blackberry Spritzer

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day weekend/volunteering

i had a pretty good labor day weekend. the family went on another camping trip and it was fun minus me having to go home early. we got there saturday morning and the food was good and company was great. then by the time i went to bed it was actually quite cold. i didn't really come prepared since i thought it was going to be a warm night. i only brought a thin sheet to use as a blanket and i was freezing my ass off. i got a couple of hours of sleep until i was hearing weird noises. like someone was walking towards my tent and i was freaked out, and of course my tent-mates were sleeping like babies. fortunately, the oldies in the next tent were hearing the same noises and checked outside to see if there was anything out there. they found 5 raccoons near the tent and on the tree right above their tent. haha my mom and aunt were freaking out and couldn't really go back to sleep. i decided to go to their tent in the middle of the night because i was cold and i once again had cramps. everytime i go somewhere fun i swear my stomach gives me problems. i of course wasn't prepared with medicine because i didn't think i was going to need it. it sorta went away but kept coming back several times throughout the night. after eating breakfast and relaxing outside, it would not stop hurting and i asked if my parents could take me home so at least i could be comfortable and have the things i need to help relieve them. i was bummed i only got to stay a day while the rest of them stayed until monday morning. i was at home all by myself suffering, but i tried to enjoy it by watching tons of movies. we recently got Netflix so I was just watching a bunch of movies on Watch Instantly. it's pretty addicting.

Today was a pretty good day too. I woke up around 830 to get my workout in before I had to go volunteer for Habitat for Humanity at 10. I didn't work out for 3 days and i needed to force myself before i stop all together. i don't even know what i'd look like now if i didn't start my daily work out back in April or May. I believe i've lost over 10 pounds already and i'm happy about that. i already reached my weight goal which is pretty amazing, but i'm going to push for another 5. it just makes me happy that i can do this for myself and see results. for me, working out is about boosting my self-confidence because i feel like i lost most of it a couple of years ago. it's a gradual learning experience and i'm enjoying it. anyways i volunteered for a good 3 hours just helping out organize an office. it was a complete mess and i turned it into a well organized one after i was finished. i cut myself terribly this afternoon from all the paper and folders though. i got 2 paper cuts and a deep folder cut under my nail. ewww! it felt nice to actually work and be busy. i'm sick of not having a job and working towards something, but i've been applying to a lot of places lately. it's not necessarily in my field but i'm keeping my options open. oh, i actually emailed someone at a non-profit organization that do projects in my field and he wants to meet up to talk about internship or volunteer opportunities next week so i'm pretty excited about that. i would learn a lot from him and the organization. another one that i just applied to happened to be where i volunteered because my boss happened to mention it to me and forwarded my resume. this past year, i've learned to really push myself and take the initiative. i just need to do so all the time and not be afraid of rejection. i want to live life and experience it....the good and maybe even the bad.