Monday, July 27, 2009

do you want free makeup?

so i happened to read something on a makeup forum about a makeup review website that will give away free makeup when you accrue points. the way you gain points is through rating products, commenting on articles and the forum, and you even get points for getting your friends to join. check out the link above to see what a member got when she redeemed her points. i mean come on now Urban Decay products for free?! how can a makeup lover resist joining! haha. obviously it's going to take some work from your end to get those points, but it's not very hard at all. you can easily get 20+ points in an hour or so. please let me know if you would like to join and i will send you an invite through your email. leave me your email address in the comment box.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

camping weekend

quick update on the sugaring hair removal. the 1st batch of sugaring wax that i made was not cooked long enough so it wasn't the right consistency. unfortunately, i do have several little bruises on my legs after using that batch the first time. i stuck it in the microwave to cook it for a few more minutes and it worked so much better. *if you don't want to use strips when you sugar( i.e. see the video below), the trick is to cook the ingredients until it's pretty dark.* i was able to remove some patches of hair with little to no pain and after 2 days, there's still no growth. YES! i'm loving it so far!

okay....on to my weekend.

hmmm no surprise! i went camping! what else is new right? hahaha it's become such a favorite activity for my family and i. it's a great stress reliever and sometimes, you just have to get away from the city and enjoy nature. this camping trip was a bit different because we went with bubba's family. every single one of us had such a great time because we had such good food and company. we usually end up eating filipino food, but bubba's aunt was like freakin' iron chef and cooked a good variety of food. haha
here's a detailed list of what we ate during our trip:
-buttermilk-parmesan crusted fried chicken
-buttermilk potato salad
-fried corn
-blueberry cobbler cooked in a dutch oven :)

-garlic fried rice
-filipino red hot dog
-espada(dried fish)

-grilled corn dogs
-tuna salad
-egg salad
-my mom's famous pork bbq
-bbq chicken
-fried fish
-grilled&fried eggplant

-left overs from lunch
-peach cobbler cooked in a dutch oven......AMAZING!

-fresh blueberry pancakes
-hash browns
-scrambled eggs

is that an insane amount of food or what?! our tummies were definitely happy. my mom, aunt, and uncle really enjoyed themselves too because they were able to try different things out this time around. usually they're the only ones cooking! both families ended up learning things from each other which was really cool! bubba's family is pretty new to the camping scene so they wanted to see how we set up camp and then we got to learn how to cook some of their food. oh yeah, i got to meet up with my mini me again! bubba's cousin, Lily was adopted from China about 4 years ago and when they showed us her baby picture, and we were surprised to how much she resembled me when i was a baby. she really could be my daughter! haha i like the way she says my name....she can't say the "R" so she replaces it with a "W" pronounces my name like "SHAWYN"

anyways that's my weekend update. hope to rest of you had a good weekend too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


for some odd reason the hair on my lower legs seem to grow like crazy. i freaking hate it. i'd say maybe 2 or 3 years ago i noticed that they were growing way too fast and it bugged the heck out of me. it just came out of nowhere. now i'm forced to shave everytime i wear shorts, skirts, or dresses. i can't even shave one day and have smooth skin the next day. haha it's that bad. so 2 years ago i tried the Nad's wax, but I felt that it made my leg hair grow even faster. i thought it would have the opposite effect but apparently with my luck, it got worse. so today, i decided to make some sugar paste because i heard sugaring is better than waxing. the sugaring paste only sticks to the hair unlike wax, which sticks to the hair and skin. if you want to try this out the recipe is:
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice ( do not skip this)
You're going to want to cook it on your stovetop on medium heat for 25 minutes or until it's an amber or golden brown color.

Here's a video of a person performing the sugaring on the legs.

I tried it out on a section of my leg but it didn't work because i think my leg hairs are too short and it was really hot so the paste was just melting on my skin. I'm going to give it another go in a couple of days. What I'm going to do next time is knead the sugar paste until it turns from the amber color to white. Hopefully I will be able to get great results with this hair removal method because i'm sick and tired of shaving! Plus, it is practically free to make the sugar paste and do it on myself!

okay moving on to LOVE.......(great transition from the sugaring huh?)

i've been single for over 2 years now and people are really expecting me to have found another one already. it's actually quite funny to me. i'm not on a constant look out for one, and right now, i'm happy being single. i like the feeling of no one holding me down. of course, i will admit that i get lonely sometimes. it comes and goes. but i know love will happen for me again. he's out there somewhere....we just haven' found each other yet. some people say i'm too picky but i can't help but be that way because i have certain things that i want in someone. it's just a precautionary thing for me, but i know it can harm my chances of finding someone by a lot. and another reason why people want me to have a boyfriend is because they almost feel bad for me like i'm suffering or something. hahaha. i'm perfectly fine people! i don't need a guy in my life to make me happy.....but it wouldn't hurt either huh? all i gotta say is that if you like or have interest in me, you better let me know. hahaha i can be a bit blind sometimes. ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it's been a hot few days here in san diego. i would love to go to the beach to get some relief from the heat, but i'm stuck in the house during the day because we're not done painting the house. 3 more walls and we're done!

anyway yesterday, sheena, ronell, and i watched the Harry Potter movie yesterday and it was so good! i think it's my favorite one so far, but sheena and ronell weren't so satisfied because they've read the books and a lot of things were missing. I want to go watch it again, but I'd rather get the DVD so I can put the subtitles on so I can understand everything they were saying.

other than that, my summer is going pretty well. I've been able to do some fun things and just get to hang out with my friends. this weekend bubba's family is going camping and it's going to be a good one. there's going to be tons of food, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself haha.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

successful day of painting

my room went through a great transformation today and i'm absolutely thrilled of the outcome. it went from a boring shade of off white to a calming blue-green shade. it took my sis and i about 4-5 hours to get the entire room done. it was fun, but i'm so tired now. i looked up how many calories it burns to paint a room and i think it calculated like over 1,000 for my specific weight.that probably explains why i was feeling light headed. oh well because it was worth it! now i love my room. it looks as though my painting services aren't over yet....i still have to help paint the entire interior of my house. pretty excited about the transformation but i know i'm going to be so tired!

now i'm just listening to some slow Jason Mraz songs to help me relax. it's been a good day. i can't wait until friday because some friends and i are going to PB to hang out and catch up. time to be young and live life!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

wet n' wild mega eyes creme eyeliner

i love wearing eyeliner, but i hate how none seem to stay put. i've tried pencils, liquid, eyeshadow as liner, and even some other cream eyeliners and none have impressed me so far. i even thought that urban decay's 24/7 liner would work but i still have problems with it wearing off and smudging throughout the day. so i've been researching and have heard great reviews about gel/creme eyeliners seeming to work best so i was going to buy the Indelible gel eyeliner online and the websites that sell them suck. Most had a $10 minimum and/or had expensive shipping. the other option i had was buying MAC's black track fluidline for $15, but I skipped on that because I'm waiting until I go to the Carlsbad CCO to get it for under $11 instead. So for the mean time I found out that Wet N Wild sells a pretty darn good dupe of Mac's so I went to Rite Aid and bought the Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner for a whopping $3.99. hahah i love a bargain.

I tried it yesterday afternoon and I must say that it is really good. It stayed on my waterline people! Other liners usually fade after an hour or so on my waterline so i'm pretty much in love with this product already. It's really creamy and dries pretty fast so you have to work fast and make sure you have a good brush to use. It does come with an eyeliner brush but it was way too firm for me. I use my EcoTools angled eyeliner brush and it works really well. And f.y.i. you have to make sure you keep the lid closed tightly after use because it will dry out since it's in a plastic and not in a glass container. I keep mine in a ziploc bag just in case!

So if you have extremely oily lids and/or have problems with liners staying might want to try this product out. It's a bargain!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it seems like i'm only starting my summer now

i had an amazing couple of days so far! i just now feel like i have started my summer. i've been sorta being a hermit crab which is no fun some times! so on monday i met up with ali and julia at starbuck's to catch up. i wish all of the girls lived in the same city because not having them around is sad. i only get to see them maybe 3 times a year? anyways we caught up on each other's lives and it was just nice to have girl talk and reminisce. then yesterday me, sheena, and ronell went to watch the hangover. freakin hilarious! i remember seeing previews for it and thinking ehhhh but then i heard so many people saying it was so funny so ronell got us some tickets and the movie was awesome! i NEED that movie on dvd asap! then today was absolutely perfect. me, sheena, ronell, and my 2 nieces went to torrey pines beach. it seems like a tradition now to take the kids out every summer and they really do enjoy themselves. it's fun being a kid! anyways we got our tan on and even got in the water with the kids because they were begging us to. the water was pretty cold at first but it felt so nice after getting used to the temp. i seriously need to go to the beach more because i feel like i don't take advantage of it enough. anyways after that we got In n Out and then we all went home. then i got ready and got nerissa so we could catch up. life is awesome. i'm trying to be better at enjoying life. i know i don't live it to the fullest so cheers to trying from now on!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

my 4th of july

it has been a sad couple of weeks for me since my Lola(grandma) had been admitted to the hospital for a bunch of tests. she had been having problems of falling and just lots of other problems like high blood sugar and her constant trips to the bathroom. we just found out today that she has been taking medication for Parkinson's disease. my cousin, sis, and i have been suspecting that she had Parkinson's for awhile now because her hands tremble, and i guess now her medication explains it. It's been hard on my family but we are trying to keep a positive attitude and we've been visiting my Lola a lot to keep her entertained while she's at the hospital. I believe she might be released tomorrow, but we don't quite know what our plans for her are going to be. She has made it very clear to all of us that she doesn't want to stay at a nursing home so we're trying to see if we can get someone a live-in caregiver so she has assistance in the comfort of her own home. All I can say is that my Lola looks good and she is very aware of her surroundings--meaning she still remembers who all of us are and has a good memory. We're staying strong for her.

In other news, we had a great 4th of July. I went with Sheena to North Island to celebrate with Bubba's family and friends. It was a perfect day. Great weather, great location, great food, and great company. Bubba's family got some rooms in the Navy Lodge and the beach was like a 20 second walk from their rooms. The food was so good! We had some ribs, bbq chicken, potato salad, spaghetti salad, chicken kabobs, burgers, hot dogs, brownies, home made apple and cherry pies, beer, and a bunch of alcoholic drinks. I don't really drink anymore because I'm trying to lose weight but I figured "what the heck for today!" Bubba's dad really tries to make me drink shots whenever I see him so I eventually cracked and took a shot of his Coralejo tequila with Bubba's aunts. Surprisingly, it went down well! hahaha i usually suck so bad at taking shots. Anyway, after taking that shot, the ladies got a little tipsy and we started our girl talk about hot Edward Cullen and then for some reason, the conversation ended up on me about being single and then Bernadette( Bubba's cousin's boyfriend's mom) had the idea of trying to hook me up with her brother. So embarrassing! They kept pointing and telling me to talk to him. hahah. This guy is a bit older than I am and he's super quiet. The age doesn't bother me at all since I need someone who is mature but the quiet thing is something i'm trying to stay away from. I'm a little quiet myself , but I don't want to be with someone who is way too shy to talk. It's so funny that everyone is trying to hook me up now. Even my Lola was trying to hook me up with one of the physical therapists at the hospital. My mom knows better though because she already knows how irritated i can get. I guess I better get used to it though. I'm trying to keep an open mind. 

Oh yeah, Arizona update! It was freakin' hot! The temperature was usually over 100 degrees, the highest was probably 112. Yikes! We had a lot of fun exploring some tourists spots and checking out the real estate. It is way more affordable there than here, that's for sure! I still don't know if I could make the move because of the heat, but who knows. I still have to think about relocating.