Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what if....

so as my sis and i were leaving walmart, she spotted...a guy i was like in love with way back in the day(haha like in middle school). at first i wasn't sure but it really was him. i didn't really try to make eye contact because i don't know if he would have remembered me. it pretty much made my day because it brought back memories. let's just say that we were supposed to get together but it never happened because of a previous relationship. of course that's always left me with a "what if." i don't think anything would happen now because we knew each other a long time ago and never kept in contact all these years. i just think it's interesting that when you see someone in your past, there is this big explosion of memories that come back. well, that's all the excitement that happened today that i wanted to share.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fitness& RLS

i don't want to jinx myself by saying this but i've been working out for 3 days straight now. i wasn't doing much cardio, but was doing straight up resistance bands and ab workouts last month, but the past 3 days i've been running a mile. it's weird because i hate running, but once i'm into it, it's like such a release of stress. It helps with the frustrations in life. I hope this becomes an addiction for me. I am in that phase in my life where I want to really take care of my body so I've been watching what I eat and trying to exercise daily. I'm feeling good though! Clothes are beginning to fit better and I'm slowly regaining my self-esteem. The only problem I've been having is what I think is Restless Leg Syndrome. I feel it has worsened after I've been running. I'll try to sleep at night and my legs feel weird--it's hard to explain actually. It's like I lay there but there is an urge to move them all the time. This probably explains the lack of sleep lately. I might have to ask my physician about this because it is quite bothersome. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you all. I am really proud of myself and I hope to live a healthier lifestyle!

Friday, April 24, 2009

girls night out

me needing some fun in my mundane life actually came true today! finally!!! it was basically mine and courtney's girls night out. we met up at fashion valley and didn't really do much shopping because we were thinking of food. so we decided to eat at hot dog on a stick and then we headed out to point loma to a store called the closet. it was pretty cool. there were some good finds but i didn't end up loving anything. then we went to some music store, i can't remember the name but it had a load of stuff in there. tons of CD's, track records, and surprisingly, a huge selection of movies and DVD box sets. Courtney was seriously needing some good hip hop so she bought CD's by The Roots and Common. I was just eyeing some dvd's in the store and unfortunately they didn't have the season of Gilmore Girls I'm missing in my collection. I only need one more to complete the series! bleh! After that we went to Target and just roamed the aisles. It was a lot of fun in there too because I helped Courtney pick out some makeup. She got an eyeshadow quad, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and the EcoTools brush set. I'm so excited for her to experiment with everything! 

After that we both drove to Downtown to do some walking. This was my actual first time driving to downtown by myself and i'm so proud of myself. I have such a fear of driving on one way streets and pedestrians walking all over the place. It wasn't even that scary! I don't know why i was fearing it for this long! I even drove in Downtown L.A. before i drove in Downtown S.D. i'm weird i know. so then we walked for a good half hour until we heard some reggae coming out of this bar. the guy said there was no cover so we went in for awhile. it wasn't crowded but the band was singing no woman no cry so we stayed until they finished the song. then we decided to grab an appetizer and desert at The Spaghetti Factory. Then we went home. I had such a great time though. It has been awhile since I truly hung out with friends so I'm glad I got to share it with Courtney. There's never any drama with us so we always end up having a good time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

needing some fun in my mundane life!

i need some fun in my life! that's what i've been thinking this entire damn week! after the road trip, i got sick of driving around and going to places, but now, i've been itching to do something fun. it looks like me and courtney might be heading to downtown tomorrow to do some walking around and just good old catching up. who knows what we'll end up doing though. there's a padres game tomorrow night so that's a possibility. i'm excited to do something though, just as long as i get out of the house!

anyway, i'm waiting until sheena and bubba finish watching southland so i can resume Transporter. for some odd reason i've never seen any of the transporter movies. very odd. 

over to makeup related news......i have been experimenting a lot lately with bright colored eyeliners. i honestly can't seem to wear black eyeliner because i feel it's way too harsh for my face. so my latest obsession has been turning my bright eyeshadows into eyeliner! it's nice to have a pop of color especially during the spring season so i've already tried a bright blue and green and love how it makes my eyes pop. oh, the possibilities are endless. :) i am not a super crafty person, but i love how creative i can get when it comes to makeup. i sometimes dream of being in my own makeup factory mixing up these intense colors and going just wild with inventing products.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my feet are a hurtin'

just got home from my late night drive and it was really nice. i love being on the road at night by myself and thinking. best part of it all was i got to blast some Katchafire and S.D.I.B. Such great music to drive to! Anyway my feet are hurting from walking/standing for most of the day. My mom and I were just running errands and shopping. I actually got to purchase something after not being able to for awhile. I just got some tanks and a cute plaid blouse. Imagine me actually getting a paycheck, the damage would be worse. haha. anywho it's late and i want to do a quick workout. goodnight.

i'm back.

i totally forgot to blog about this sweet old man that i met at the dentist office. my mom and i walked in and this man got up from his seat and moved over just so we could sit in the comfortable seats. then he started talking to my mom and how she looked familiar and asked where she's from in the philippines. now if you are filipino, you would understand this because everyone always asks where you live in the philippines. and what a co-in-ki-dink. he was from the same place! he was there with his two grandchildren and once my mom went inside, he started talking to me and telling me a little about his life. what a sweet man! honestly, i have a soft spot for the elderly because they have so much knowledge about the world around us and i love how they can talk your ear off! seeing filipino elders makes me see how great our culture really is. i often have to fight some filipino values because they can be so "old fashioned", but honestly i tend to be more on the conservative side so old fashioned works for me.....well, sometimes. i'm starting to realize that the values i grew up with are values i want to pass along to my kids. values like family being the most important, respecting your elders, and going to church. sometimes it is the simplest things that we forget. 

Friday, April 17, 2009


so it's been awhile since i've blogged but i was gone for a whole week and then i tried to spend as much time with my relatives from Germany as much as possible before they left. so recap of the road was amazing. i'm glad i decided to go because i got to see so many places that i probably won't have time to see in the future once i'm working. i posted all the pics on my facebook so check them out of if you have time. the places we went to were Yosemite National Park, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Laughlin. My favorite was definitely Sedona. It is beautiful out there. It's a cute little place with great views and really friendly people. I wouldn't mind moving out there if there was a job opportunity. It definitely looked like an older crowd but I don't mind that at all. I also enjoyed Vegas because I actually got to do the 21 year old and up thing this time. We had a cousin's night out and we really didn't feel like clubbing and spending tons of money so we went to Mandalay Bay instead and went to the Eye Candy lounge. it was pretty chill and we were lucky because it was happy hour. the deal was buy one drink and get the other free. so all 6 of us had 2 drinks each and let's say i was buzzed by the time i finished my vodka tonics. that is definitely my drink now. i used to like fruity stuff a lot but i can't drink them anymore because they make me feel sick. i often choose to drink beer too but i don't like that bloated feeling i get after drinking it so i've been trying to stay away from it. oh, i almost forgot, i won around $22 playing penny slots! i only started with a $1! freakin' awesome! i know it's not like hundreds or thousands of dollars that i won but for my first time gambling, it was awesome! i can now understand why some people are gamblers! anyway, i'm just glad to be home and to be sleeping in my own bed. there's no place like home!

Yesterday, the sister and I drove up to LAX to drop off my Auntie Winnie, Sanchia, and Jasmin. After a 3 week vacation here, they were headed home to Germany. I'm going to miss them a lot. I had such a great time hanging out with them. I already have a large family here in San Diego, but the more the merrier right? I absolutely love how close my family is. I often think about people with small families or those that have non-existent relationships with their families and how sad it must be. I have my sister as my best friend and tons of cousins that I'm really close to.

After all this time on the road and spending quality time with my relatives, I have to re-focus on myself. It's been pretty tough not having a job and it's slowly eating at me. I have moments where I'm dandy and optimistic that an opportunity will pop up, and then I have moments, like right now, where I feel so dissapointed and almost depressed that nothing has happened for me yet. Actually, I was supposed to intern at this private firm, but I haven't gotten another call back about a start date because they are so extremely slow right now. Damn this economy! I'm not giving up on that internship, but I'm definitely not going to let it be my ONLY option. I just went to SDG&E 2 days ago to talk with a temp agency about job opportunities. Hopefully they can find me a job there because it's my foot in a door. It's a great company and energy is not going away anytime soon so I'm betting it's pretty stable. They have a lot of departments that I'm interested in as well so that's something to be optimistic about. Another thing I've been focusing on is my health. I've been trying to eat healthier and workout more frequently. I actually think it's working too because people have been telling me that I look like I have lost weight. If you look at my pictures from last year, you can tell a difference. people can always see it in my face! yikes my face was freakin huge! i like how i feel right now, but i would like to lose around 5-10 pounds.

this is a long post. i hope you were able to read through all of it! goodnight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

going away

yippy! i feel so much better after 2 days of feeling miserable. I'm back to my happy self again. I've been having fun with my relatives for the past couple of days. Yesterday, sheena, sanchia, jasmin, my aunt, and I parked at Fashion Valley and rode the trolley around S.D. We went around Horton Plaza and then got hungry after walking around so much that we stopped by Old Town and ate at Casa Guadalajara. We pretty much got full after eating so much chips& salsa that we barely finished our lunch. I had such a good entree though.....Mango Chipotle Chicken with Arroz Poblano. I wish I could have some right now but my father ate my leftovers hahaha.

Then today the day started with the sis and i heading down to mission valley to go to a job fair. We probably only stayed for a good 5 minutes because it sucked. The only good booth there was the San Diego Zoo. The rest of the booths were all businesses like insurance, etc. The place was packed though! So after that we picked up the foreigners and went to my aunt's house to go visit her. We went to BJ's pizza and had a freakin' feast, it was delicious. We ordered 2 medium pizzas and I ordered a BBQ chicken salad because i really needed some vegetables in my diet after eating out for the past 2 days. I wish I could make that salad at home because I could eat it whenever and at a fraction of the cost! Then we went around Ross to walk off our food and then it was back to my aunt's house for a shopping giveaway! My aunt gave my relatives so many clothes and jewelry! I can't believe she just has that stuff lying around her house. craziness. after a good hour of freebies, we decided to drive home. the drive was definitely a little hard because i was so sleepy! i might not be able to update this until next week because i'm going on a road trip with the relatives for 5 days. i'm so excited because we're hitting up some national parks. bye!