Monday, March 30, 2009


Sick. I feel sick. It all started last night after I scarfed down my dinner when I skipped breakfast and lunch. Why would I do that in the first place? It was not intentional at all. We left our house around 10:30 a.m. to head up to LAX because we had family arriving from Germany. To make this story short, the information got mixed up so we waited like 4 hours for nothing. We could have gone home around 1 p.m. but instead we left around 4. Of course I was already moody because I was super hungry and didn't want to eat at the airport because I didn't want to do an eat and run in case my family arrived while i was still eating. So we drove to the Red Robin in San Diego and I think we finally ate around 6 or 7. I was so hungry that I ate my food faster than usual. Big freakin' mistake. After an hour after eating I had such a big stomach ache. I didn't know what to do with myself. I just drank some really hot oolong tea and then took a Zantac and that was a big relief. I went to sleep and woke up a couple hours later experiencing menstrual cramps. I just have the best luck! So it's the next day and I'm still suffering from cramps. I honestly don't know how to prevent them. I heard exercising really helps but I have been doing that and I still get cramps. And I know a lot of women use birth control pills to control cramps but I don't want to take birth control because I don't want extra hormones in my body. I've read that cramps are the worst when you're around 18-24 years old so I really hope they will calm down in a couple of years. I just hate the way I feel because I'm pretty much bed ridden, nauseated, and grumpy. No one wants to be around me, and that works vice versa. 

It's a beautiful day outside, but I'm scared to step out due to discomfort. I could be out having fun with my relatives from Germany, but I know I'm a miserable sight right now. I think my readers know to expect a cramp&PMS blog every month and I'm sorry for my complaining but blogging my feelings helps me get some of my anger out. Otherwise, I'd be a ticking time bomb. It's been 2 hours since I've taken my Midol and the caffeine is taking some effect to my body. I feel sluggish and my body feels like jello. That is actually a good thing in the state of things.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ab exercises

I was bored last night and ended up on self magazine's website. It's actually pretty good because they give you a lot of tips on losing weight and healthy eating. I happened to be interested in some ab exercises and found a good video on their site. I tried some of the moves last night and I woke up sore so that's awesome! I get so bored of regular crunches but these moves are actually fun to do.

And I went to PB tonight to meet up with some geography friends. Yvette and I decided to carpool since we live 5 minutes from each other and we had lots of time to catch up. We were talking about having separation anxiety from school and especially our friends. We went from seeing each other every day at school to not seeing each other ever since graduation. But it's so nice that we all try our best to hang out when we can. So we (Totran, Shannon, Yvette, Sebastian, and I) ended up going to Zanzibar Cafe in PB and had some beverages. Then Courtney came and we decided to go next door to some Thai restaurant. I had some of her chicken and spring rolls and it was actually pretty good. Thai food is still something I'm exploring, just like every other Asian cuisine. We had a great time catching up and brainstorming a list of things we're going to be doing together. I believe our #1 is laser tagging in Point Loma. I'm excited!

Monday, March 23, 2009

emoness is grossness

I'm feeling so effin emo right now. wth. it's probably all the whitney houston, backstreet boys, and boyz II men i've been listening to lately. and then again it could also be my crazy hormones. haha hopefully a little fun&booze with the friends tomorrow will liven up my mood. that's definitely something to look forward to. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So there is this big rave over Nars Orgasm blush. It's supposed to give you that flushed look of just having an orgasm. you get my point. Unfortunately, the cost of one of those classic black packages is going to cost you $25! I would love to own the original for myself but can't seem to let myself buy it because i'm jobless. Fortunately for us recessionistas, there are dupes for this holy grail. According to my research, Milani Cosmetics sells a blush that is very much like Orgasm named Luminous. I saw swatches online and decided that I wanted to get it. CVS sells them for $6.49 and that's where I bought mine. I was lucky because I got the very last one in the store! I'm sure the word has spread of this dupe and who wouldn't want to save some money! I tried it on when I got home and it's pretty pigmented. It is a peachy pink with fine gold shimmer. It's a pretty build-able color so I like that about this blush too. I like that the shimmer is fine because I'm not a big fan of being shiny like a disco ball. So far, I really like this blush and I like that it gives me a healthy glow. So if you've never tried Nars Orgasm and want to try a cheaper version of it, then I highly recommend stopping by CVS and picking up the Milani Luminous blush. 

I actually have to try and sleep early tonight because we're going to L.A. tomorrow to visit my dad's aunt. We wanted to visit her before she goes through chemotherapy. It looks like I'm driving up to L.A. once again. blah! I'm taking my car and for some reason, my dad hasn't drove my car yet. I'm pretty sure he's afraid he's going to damage it or something haha. The drive up isn't so's just the traffic that makes it unpleasant. I'm hoping for zero to minimal traffic tomorrow. OH pretty please!

Friday, March 20, 2009


i'm so sleepy right now but i feel like i can't fall's not cold enough! bleh and i have a headache too. the cause of my sleepiness? Termites.

We recently found some termites in the house. It sorta makes my skin crawl knowing that these things are literally crawling underneath my house and reproducing like crazy. We had made 3 appointments with 3 different pest control companies to come inspect and give us an estimate of the cost of treatment. Unfortunately, we forgot one was for this morning and got an unexpected call that they were on their way. hahaha of course I was sleeping like baby until I was forced to wake up. I don't want a stranger staring at me sleep. That's kinda creepy. So the guy inspected and we decided to go with this particular company so they're going to be working on the house next week. it's such a relief! oh yeah we're fortunate that we're not getting the tent treatment or else we'd have to be out of our house for a couple days...not to mention the cost of the damn thing!

it's a beautiful friday and here i am at home. i don't know what tonight's plans are but i wish it was a bit more chilly so i can get into my blanket and sleep like a baby. a gyro sandwich sounds so delicious right now, but unfortunately it's friday and that means no meat. i'm forced to google image that just to see what it would like it in front of me and wow i wish i could have it for dinner!

Monday, March 16, 2009

how do you drive like that?


HAHA isn't that random? I was driving on the freeway and from really far away, I was totally consumed by how funny that guy's arm looks clinging to his car. who drives like that? it looks totally uncomfortable. what makes it funny is that Sheena was able to take a picture of him trying to switch lanes. He didn't budge his arm at all. It's really weird but I live for moments like that. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moisturize yo face!

i was super excited to receive a package in the mail today because: 
1. it only cost me a total of $1.01 on, instead of like $5 if i bought it at the store
2. i have read GREAT reviews on it
3. and i have high hopes that it will help out my skin

I'm a sucker for face products and although i'm only in my early 20's there's no way I should neglect my skin. i don't want wrinkles when i'm still young, and it's never "too" early to take care of your skin! so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! What I have gotten more interested in is getting into more natural products. That all started with using Everyday Minerals makeup, then I got into their forum and a lot of the members are into natural and vegan products so it kind of rubbed off on me. I'm slowly getting into the natural skincare and the next thing is definitely going to be shampoo&conditioner. Other things like deodorant, I don't think I could possibly convert. We'll see though!

Okay, you know what sucks? Knowing that carbs can make you gain weight and still eat them anyway! That's what I feel about white rice. How can an asian girl possibly give up eating white rice when it's such a staple in the Asian diet? I mean I can definitely cut down on how much I eat of it but sometimes I imagine (asian) people not eating it at all. It blows my mind! But I did eat a bunch of rice this past week and felt like I had gained weight again. That means I have to cut back again which is okay I guess. The past couple of months I have been eating rice probably 2-3 times a week versus every day and it's helped. 

and my last topic of the day is Lady Gaga. She is so freakin' cool. My cousin had a CD and we were listening to it in the car. I thought it was just a mixed CD but it was the Lady Gaga CD and i was so surprised by how diverse her songs were. If he didn't say anything at all, I would have thought each song was by a different artist. I'll be blasting her CD all week. Jason Mraz is out and Lady Gaga is in (for now).

Monday, March 9, 2009

boy bands

i am embarrassed to say that i am listening to backstreet boys right now. i didn't even like them as much as Nsync but geez their songs just bring me back to my middle school days. i just remember how crazy all the girls were about Nsync....I guess it's comparable to girls today and the Jonas Brothers.  what's even more embarrassing is that i can actually sing along to these damn songs. oh well, it's fun!

Oh yeah did you know that pollution is as bad indoors as it is outdoors?
People spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and your home can be two to five times as polluted as the air outside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency

I've heard this fact alot of times already, but I decided to try out one of the many solutions to purify the air inside my house. One easy solution is to have a house plant in the bedroom so I bought a small plant from Target today. My sister bought me this super cute cow mug last year and I wasn't really using it because it was huge! I just had it sitting near the kitchen sink but now it's purpose in life is to be my plant's pot. it's so cute!

Friday, March 6, 2009

this is a snoozer

i think this one's going to be a snoozer but read on if you are truly bored. i didn't do anything great today except do some cleaning. there's a part of my computer desk that i haven't cleaned in years and there is a ton of stuff in there just collecting dust. i know it's gross! but i decided to do something about it because i was in my cleaning mood. it took a good 20 minutes to go through everything and throw away/re-organize my things. then i decided to go through some textbooks in the garage. my sister and i went on amazon to see if any of them could be sold. we only got lucky with 2 of them and the rest of the books went to the recycling bin. then i just moped around the house. i listened to music here and there and then watched some t.v. 

now it's almost midnight and i'm listening to sappy love songs. it might not be the greatest thing to be doing at the moment because it is just a big old reminder that i'm single. bleh! 

i told you it was going to be a snoozer! but i guess if you're reading this sentence right now then i applaud you for actually reading this post. have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bye bye text messages

my sister and i just disabled text messaging on our phones. haha so don't bother texting us because we won't receive it. i guess it's back to good ol' calling! i didn't like text messaging anyway and it would just make our (my parent's) bill higher! yippy!